‘My wife and I have recently finished a number of sessions with Anne-Marie and wanted to say that the sessions really helped me to understand and deal with my low mood problem. Anne-Marie was very helpful, compassionate and helped me to feel more confident about how to deal with my problem on a day to day basis. I found the entire experience very beneficial and very, very enlightening. The counselling resulted in noticeable positive changes in my attitude and behaviour. If ever I had further problems, Anne-Marie would be the first that I would contact. ‘

‘Counselling has helped me to go from barely being able to function each day, to living my life again. I can safely say that talking to Anne-Marie is the best thing I have ever done. I can’t believe the transformation. I don’t worry as much anymore. It isn’t crippling and it’s helped me to accept and move on from so many things, I feel like a new person’.